Kumi Now! – 25 Kumi Now op school

Het is deze week (8-16 april) de tijd om Kumi Now weer onder de aandacht te brengen. Bent u al actief binnen Kumi Now kijk dan of er nieuwe mogelijkheden zijn: organiseer  een Kumi  Now gesprekskring, nodig vrienden uit deel te nemen aan het project. Kijk op de site wat u kunt doen en welke activiteiten voor de komende tijd staan gepland. – Door Hettie Oudelaar, bestuurslid en docent geschiedenis op een middelbare school.

Kumi Now is voor alle leeftijden.  Ik heb het project onder de aandacht gebracht van een VWO 5 klas. Het lesthema is het Midden -Oosten en binnen het thema wordt ruim aandacht besteed aan het conflict tussen Israël en de Palestijnen op een objectieve manier. Een goed moment voor Kumi  Now.  Met de klas heb ik uitvoerig de site bekeken en daarna heb ik de leerlingen gevraagd op welke manier zij Kumi Now bekend zouden maken bij hun vrienden en familie. Sommige leerlingen ontwierpen een poster die ze zouden ophangen op een plek waar veel jongeren komen, andere zouden posten op facebook of Instagram.

Anderen schreven een tekst voor de schoolkrant:

What is Kumi Now?

Kumi now is an organisation that help the Palestinians in Israël. It is a response to the current situation, trying to pursue their principles about justice, nonviolence, and equality for everyone. Each week the Kumi Now project will highlight a different organisation working to raise awareness about specific issues in Israel-Palestine, provide information about an issue of injustice through the stories of those that are effected, and promote a creative nonviolent advocacy action. This resulted in the launch of the Kumi Now project and the publication of Kumi Now: An Inclusive Call for Nonviolent Action to Achieve a Just Peace.
The book is aimed at groups and individuals around the world, scholars and neophytes alike, who want to find a nonviolent solution to the conflict. There are a number of features that allow everyone to be part of the project and build their knowledge. It is divided into 52 weekly entries, 42 of which address specific issues and are linked to an organization involved in that issue. The other 10 are set aside for events and reflection. Each of the 42 entries includes a short essay that outlines an issue, a description of the organization, a case study or personal story, an excerpt from a work of literature, an advocacy action, and links to additional resources (articles, videos, and others) found online. The book is unique because it includes easy activities that could be done by anyone, young and old. The goal is to raise awareness on Palestine and exert pressure on the powerful decision makers of the world to do what is right in order to end the occupation and build a just peace.

Yet they are disheartened by the passivity from global to local levels:

  1. the United Nations continues to prove that they are not capable or willing to implement their own resolutions when it comes to Palestine.
  2. The major players in the international community, including the European Union, UK, China, and Russia, have not shown real political will to help Palestinians achieve their rights.
  3. the United States of America, considered the superpower of the world today, continues to disregard international law and ignores the call to stand for Palestinian rights.

Since the highest levels are not helping, they should ask the help of normal people from outside. In order to do this we have thought of the following things:

First of all create pages on social media, for instance Instagram. Creating an account here will help with spreading the existence of the organisation under younger people. Furthermore gaining attention of celebrities and having them help you with campaigning, younger people do look up to celebs so this will certainly catch their attention. In addition to this, you can post pictures with celebrities while they are helping Palestinians, because then the youth will start taking actions too. Another thing that can be done is asking famous accounts for help and ask them to promote the organisation. For instance the popular meme page 9gag if they promote this it will also help bring it under the attention of multiple age groups.

Dit is onze manier van het verspreiden van de boodschap van Kumi Now

Het is een post op Reddit. Dit is een social-media platform waar op dit moment volgens hun eigen cijfers 330 miljoen maandelijks actieve gebruikers op zitten



KAIROS SABEEL zet zich in voor rechtvaardige vrede in Palestina.